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THE VISION: multi-generational workspace 








Peach fuzz and gray hairs do mix.


As founder and bestselling author Joyce Schwarz says, "You're never too young or too old to do a startup"    

 Young entrepreneurs may get more attention, but Joyce Schwarz says that boomers are starting more businesses than any age group,  The Kaufman Foundation reports that Baby boomers age 45-66 are starting 1000 businesses every month. 


That's why Schwarz who is also known as a bestselling author of SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING When Just Another Job Is Not Enough published by Career Press and featured in The Wall Street Journal, on PBS, NPR, NBC News knows it's the right time for the world's first business accelerator where one founder is over age 50 and we all cash in on $11 Trillion in retirement funds.  Schwarz reports that industry pundits are terming Startup50plus a Ycombinator (referring to the successful YCombinator Silicon Valley) for Seasoned execs. 

The Vision for Startup50plus is to guide  the best from proof of concept to marketplace and beyond-- parlaying Joyce Schwarz JCOM Consulting firm's proven experience in advising 75 early stage venture funded firms from to Primesense (Xbox kinect You are the Controller technology). 


MISSION: Accelerate growth of startup companies where at least one co-founder is over age 50. 

VISION: to create a cross-generational workforce where experience is valued and the energy of youth is tapped to re-start America and beyond. 

****10,000 Baby Boomers retiring daily for next 19 years
****10,000 new businesses opened monthly by Baby Boomers
****3 Trillion in Retirement Funds 
****$500 million of those funds turn over annually
****54 percent of self-employed workers are Boomer-or-older entrepreneurs.
-- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



**AN ACCELERATOR: has been described as a Ycombinator for the 50 plus crowd.

**STARTUPSCHOOL: where the best mentors for business & motivation educate the next-gen entrepreneurs and investors. Execs from Samsung, IBM, Intel and alums from such big brands as Virgin, Apple and AT&T have signed up to reveal the secrets of corporate culture. Startup founders ranging from emusic to Facebook alums will open their doors to real-time Virtual training from their offices around the globe. 

**CROWDFUNDING: cashing in on the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act passed in April 2012 by organizing teleseminars, conferences, meet-ups and legal and financial resources

**CROWDSOURCING -- matchmaking for business for startup founders, investors, vendors and recruiting for all ages, genders and races in the 50plus marketspace.

**ANGEL FLIGHT SCHOOL -- we are all angels now -- so how do we fly into opportunity and diminish fear and failure Angel Investor groups are invited to share their best practices and reveal the PROS and yes, CONS of being on the inside track early.

**BUSINESS MOTIVATION WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND MEDIA SERIES--real-time training, video on demand, mentors-on-call, e-learning and more. Schwarz who is the bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book: the secret to an extraordinary life is also well known as a paid business motivational speaker and she is inviting a top team ranging from Bob Proctor to Jack Canfield to Feng Shui expert Marie Diamond to reveal what they get paid millions to tell corporate CEOS to Startup50plus members and followers The first venture will tie in with the launch of the ebook preview of HEART OF SUCCESS inspired by the Steve Jobs quote to "follow your heart"  and follow @heartofsuccess on 

**COACHING AND MENTORING: 150 coaches in place now for recareering and life and work visioning. Start-up Coach Training  program being developed to train seasoned execs how to be Startup Coaches. . 

**LIFESTYLE --mind,body,spirit and better living programs for startups, founders, investors, vendors to encourage balance, harmony and quality of life for all. Going green, quality of life and healthy living programs will also be featured

*HR SERVICES AND PLACEMENT --exclusive vendor relatonships are under discussion now to provide HR Services, recruitment and placement for Startup50plus firms, founders and alums and vendors. 

*MEMBERSHIP and SUBSCRIPTION services will include Satellite and terrestial radio programming, in-air audio series, Internet TV shows and syndicated Video including an exclusive YOUTUBE channel to see Startup50plus companies grow in real-time. Yes-- total transparency and birdseye view especially for investors, VCs and angels who want to know what' s up 24/7. 



Schwarz is a new product launch expert who brings big time ad agency exec experience for such top companies as Foote Cone and has introduced such first-in-their-category products and services such as CAPRI SUN Kraft's juice in a foil packet, Softscrup Clorox first liquid cleanser, Enhanced 911 services for AT&T and the now famous cause-related marketing campaign MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTONS for Ralph's Grocery Co that went national. 


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Joyce Schwarz was named 2018 Fellow by the Global Good Fund and awarded a grant for the development of as a social entrepreneur venture. 

The only way to predict the future is to invent it.
Join us at Startup50plus and Startup50plusTV as we create the
multi-generational entrepreneurial workspace of tomorrow--TODAY! 
Welcome to the world's first business
and life accelerator where one founder
is age 50 Plus 
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